3D Tipper


Innovative 3-Way Dump Bed for Pickup Trucks

Triple your truck’s versatility!

Dump where others can’t

Easy deposit in narrow spaces

Fast unloading

Less maneuvering

Less manpower

Dump on either side …

Precise unloading to all sides

No additional shoveling

Light-weight aluminum sides

Galvanized steel bed

… without compromise

No towed devices to disconnect

No bed lift to fuel up

No modifications to electric system

Less work – more money

Our 3D Tipper was built on an idea – and we’ve never stopped innovating.

We are proud to introduce our brand-new 3D Tipper, the most versatile light-weight 3-directional dump bed on the market, specially dedicated to mid-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks.

The 3D Tipper is an intelligent solution for truck operators who have to cope with almost no or little space in their work environment, tight schedules and ever-changing materials and duties.